I have authored 18 non-fiction books and seven Sunday Times top ten bestsellers, including ghostwriting Tom Daley’s and Tanya Burr’s No. 1 titles, My Story and Love, Tanya. My books have been published in multiple territories around the world, in many different languages and have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Other titles include self-titled books A Year of Reading Aloud and Peace of Mind: A Book of Calm for Busy Mums; The Children’s Nurse: The True Story of a Great Ormond Street Nurse by Susan Macqueen The Prison Doctor: Women Inside by Dr. Amanda Brown, The Art of Fire by Daniel Hume; and Tom’s Daily Plan and Tom’s Daily Goals by Tom Daley.

My work has been serialised in The Times, the Sunday Times, Sunday TimesStyle magazine, the Daily Mail, the Mail On Sunday, the Sun, the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror, Reader’s Digest and YOU magazine.

I have built brilliant relationships with a number of editors and authors.